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Rebecca and Daniel Engaged | Seattle, WA

As much as I am loving this scorching summer, Rebecca and Daniel’s March engagement session is making me miss those crisp  Northwest evenings. This particular winter evening was one that solidifies the reasons why this city is so lovely – even in the winter!

When Rebecca first contacted me to photograph her and Daniel, we tossed around options for their engagement session and settled on a this one-of-a-kind pub in Fremont. I love it when couples are up for something a little unique! We threw back a couple of drinks – never a bad way to start a session – and hit the trails. We certainly had no shortage of beautiful scenery and good conversation.

This Saturday Rebecca and Daniel are getting married at the Olson Mansion. I am so excited to see these two get hitched! Wishing them the best XOXO



Amie and Nick Portraits | Seattle, WA

I love that my job connects me with people. I have the unique privilege to meet incredible new people and to reconnect with old friends. No matter what, I am always blessed by my interactions with them.

This session was no exception. Amie is my high school vocal soulmate. There’s just something about the two of us and an empty room with good acoustics. We could sing for hours – that is, of course, if we could suppress our  overflowing laughter. It was so enjoyable to spend the evening reconnecting with her and to officially meet her boyfriend Nick, who is just as great as Amie. As these two graduated from the University of Washington this spring I got to help them celebrate with portraits. Amie is always a joy to be around with her bright laugh and caring personality. If I had my way I would photograph her every day!



Wish them the best in their post-college endeavors!



Matt and Samantha Lifestyle Portraits | Seattle, WA

Matt and Sam’s sweet blue house in Magnolia was their first home, officially making them “homeowners”. With Sam’s amazing taste and Matt’s handy work, their home was nothing short of delightful!  But, like any legendary couple, there are many adventures on their list. Next up – life on a sailboat. Yep. You heard right! I am so glad that even with so many good things ahead they still said wanted to say goodbye to their first home well. So it was only right to capture all the lovely nuances of their life together within these walls. A few cups of coffee, snuggles with the cats, and some bike rides in the street together and that’s a wrap!

I am so glad to have had the opportunity to photograph this transition with them.

You can keep an eye out for Samantha and Matt’s adventures and Samantha’s amazing photography on her blog. I am so glad to call these two friends and wish them the best of adventures! XO



Taylor and Lyndsay: Portraits | Seattle, WA

A few frames from a recent session with two gorgeous young ladies — Taylor and Lyndsey have been friends for only two years but you would never guess it. Together we spent the afternoon soaking up the evening sun and enjoying each other’s company in celebration of Taylor’s graduation this spring. Taylor has been a diligent student and a dear friend to many during her four years at the University of Washington and that is worth celebrating! With Lyndsey along for the fun we were able to capture bit of their friendship while we were at it. I think you will enjoy these two as much as I did.


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20-Taylors Graduation-42117-Taylors Graduation-40121-Taylors Graduation-548

Marissa and Jake Engaged | North Bend, WA

Have you ever known someone who makes you laugh till your belly hurts and at the same time empowers you to broaden your understanding of the world? Marissa has been that friend in my life and she always makes me feel like I am always worth spending time with. I had the joy of living in a cozy pink duplex with Marissa during my years “up north” in Bellingham. It was surely one of the most enjoyable living situations of my 22 years of life so far. Although I no longer get the benefit of learning new dance moves from her on the week nights or receiving her sweet notes on my desk, I eagerly look forward to our tea-warmed conversations whenever we are close enough to get together.

These two have been together as long as I have known Marissa so I don’t know a Marissa without a Jake. The way he loves and delights in her has always shown that he will be a wonderful leader and life-long companion.

I crave a good adventure – no matter how far it leads – so I love it when couples are willing to go out on a limb to create a session that reflects them well. Marissa and Jake had full faith in my vision to lead them out to Rattlesnake Lake for an engagement session that exemplifies their love for the Pacific Northwest. Can it get any better than this? It’s moments like these that lead to some of the most memorable images. Thank you both for adventuring with me!

I can’t wait to celebrate with these two in few short weeks. I will keep you posted on the details of their train station wedding reception and beautifully designed invites by Jake himself! Trust me, you won’t want to miss this one!