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Vanessa and Eli: Georgetown Engagement | Seattle, WA

If you keep an eye my personal blogs you will recognize this beautiful young lady! Vanessa is a dear friend of mine and my best photo adventure companion! I could’t be more excited to be a part of her and Eli’s wedding celebration.

Although they never knew each other growing up, Vanessa and Eli were both born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado. Vanessa had attended Seattle Pacific University and been settled on the west coast for some time when Eli moved out here to pursue his career in welding. After a good go-around in Seattle Eli was considering moving back home but lucky for the both of them, a mutual friend from Fort Collins made the connection for them. I think it’s fair to say Vanessa was worth sticking around for!

With such amiable character, contagious joy, and wild creativity, these two could do anything. They are that dreamy artistic couple that every Satellite pair strives to be! I have had the privilege of working with Vanessa and can confidently say that she is an incredibly talented designer and photographer. I also have recently had the fascinating opportunity to photograph Eli at work behind the welding bench (a little side project in the making). Vanessa and I have a running joke that we will someday write a short novel about her called The Life of a Welder’s Wife. Believe me, it’s gonna be good.

Well until we find enough time to write and publish a short novel between our full-time jobs and photography gigs, I hope you enjoy their delightful engagement session.


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