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Matt and Samantha Lifestyle Portraits | Seattle, WA

Matt and Sam’s sweet blue house in Magnolia was their first home, officially making them “homeowners”. With Sam’s amazing taste and Matt’s handy work, their home was nothing short of delightful!  But, like any legendary couple, there are many adventures on their list. Next up – life on a sailboat. Yep. You heard right! I am so glad that even with so many good things ahead they still said wanted to say goodbye to their first home well. So it was only right to capture all the lovely nuances of their life together within these walls. A few cups of coffee, snuggles with the cats, and some bike rides in the street together and that’s a wrap!

I am so glad to have had the opportunity to photograph this transition with them.

You can keep an eye out for Samantha and Matt’s adventures and Samantha’s amazing photography on her blog. I am so glad to call these two friends and wish them the best of adventures! XO



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